Analog Pool Phones
Analog Pool Phones
Digital Pool Phones
Digital Pool Phones
Cellular Pool Phones
Cellular Pool Phones
VoIP & Wi-Fi Pool Phones
VoIP & Wifi Pool Phones
  • Standard POTS line
  • Cable providers like:
    Time Warner, Comcast, etc
  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • Pre-paid SIM card
  • IP requires phone line
  • For Wi-Fi:
    • IP phone line
    • Dedicated Network
Emergency Pool Phones

The Rath Phone is the
#1 Emergency Phone sold in North America.

With Rath's over 30 years of innovation, quality and service experience, you can depend on our Emergency Pool Phones to perform when you need them.

It is critical to have highly visible emergency phones strategically positioned to access help and deter potential vandalization.

Whether the pool phones are needed for indoor or outdoor areas, Rath has the emergency communication and technology solution.

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