Pool Phone FAQ's
(Frequently Asked Questions)

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Click to Ask John Your Question!
John Pierce, RATH® Pool Phone Director of Sales
John Pierce
Director of Sales
800-451-1460 Ext. 138

Who is RATH® Communications?
RATH® is the largest manufacturer of Emergency Phones in North America. See our Specialty Phones for additional emergency communication solutions.
What’s the difference between your pool phone and a standard phone?
The key differences are:
  • Industrial quality for long lasting performance

  • Automatically dials 911 or your preferred number

  • 2 year warranty

Is there a monthly or annual charge for the pool phone?
No, not from RATH®. The phone is usually connected to the internal phone system (with no monthly cost) or you can run a separate phone line (which may have a cost).
How does the pool phone get its power?
The power to run the phone comes from the phone line.
Which pool phone model is the most popular?
Most companies pick our model 624POOL because it has a handset. If it’s a noisy environment, the handset phone provides the best communication.
Does my State have Pool Phone requirements?
See our Pool Phone State Laws for requirements and state details
Can I hook up a strobe so it goes off when someone activates the pool phone?
Yes, but the strobe will need 120vac power.
Can these pool phones be used in high humidity or wet environments?
Yes, our phones are built to withstand the wet and corrosive environment that occurs near a chlorinated swimming pool.
Can I install the pool phone myself?
Yes, just run a phone line off your existing phone system. If you have to add an outside line, contact your local phone carrier.
How is the phone call disconnected?
The call is disconnected when the called party (911) hangs up. With the handset phone, once you hang it up no conversation can take place. With the speaker phone, the called party (911) can talk to and listen to what is happening as long as they want.

I am interested in the 970POOL and am trying to understand the service requirements.

Will this push button model dial 911 without the need for a contract with a cellular provider?

We don’t want to pay a monthly service.
The answer to that question depends on the requirements of your local 911 service. All cellular phones are required by federal law to allow for a 911 call whether you have service or not. However, for a static location unit they may or may not require it based on the following:
1. If they will allow a verbal response of your location, then no, you do not need to set up an account.

2. If they will not allow a verbal response and require the cellular Network to pinpoint your location, then yes, you will need to set up an account.

I would call the non-emergency number for your local 911 service and let them know what you are trying to do. If they say a verbal response is fine, place an order and we will ship the phone out to you. If they want the Network to dictate the location, let us know and we will advise what you need to do to place an order.

1. “How many of the 624POOL models can share a single POTS line?”
Only one 624POOL can be on a single POTS line.